You’ve got enough on your plate: a virtual career, fabulous new friends, and the adventure of a lifetime. You don’t want to worry about the best way to get from Panama City to Medellín.

And you won’t have to. We’ve field-tested the best routes between each of our destination cities (as well as transportation to the most popular destinations around each). For the long hauls, we’ve prioritized keeping you comfortable and well rested, rather than on a budget. This means that in most cases you’ll be taking a plane.


We use modern, reliable Latin American carriers like Avianca (on the Star Alliance Network) and LAN (partnered with American Airlines), so savvy travelers will be racking up frequent flyer miles the whole way. You’ll arrive fresh and ready to explore. Don’t worry about keeping it authentic, however. You’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy the classic chicken bus experience on your weekend adventures.

For short trips, we may charter a top-of-the-line bus or even a high speed ferry.

When traveling throughout Latin America, our goal is to provide the most efficient and comfortable forms of transportation so that you can stay productive.

While air travel is available on nearly all legs, for some trips, you will have the option to road trip it on a top-of-the-line, air-conditioned bus stopping at destinations along the way. You may also have the option of sailing through the Panama Canal and San Blas Islands, an almost pristine archipelago strung like gemstones along the Caribbean Coast, to Cartagena, Colombia.

No matter how you choose to travel with us, we’ll get you there safe, sound, and ready for a productive first week in your fantastic new city.