Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, the primary tongue of 21 countries and important in a dozen more—including, of course, the United States. Even basic Spanish will make you more marketable in dozens of fields. Imagine what professional fluency could do.

In every destination city, you’ll have the option to take Spanish classes at the region’s top schools, all arranged within walking distance of your apartment and office. You’ll also enjoy unlimited opportunities to practice with native speakers, something your middle school Spanish teacher couldn’t offer. Classes and private instructors work around your schedule: Three hours a week if things are crazy at the office, or three hours a day if you want to throttle down on your new endeavor. We’re committed to complete flexibility.


We can’t guarantee that you’ll speak conversational Spanish in three months, or be almost fluent in a year. That depends on your time commitment, language background, and work ethic. We only know that it’s possible, and infinitely rewarding.

Spanish will open your eyes, and open doors that you never even realized existed. You’ll discover a new culture—considered by many researchers to be “the happiest on Earth”—even as your professional and personal development blossom. Travel will be easier and more exciting for the rest of your life. Being bilingual may even increase your IQ and improve your attitude.

There’s no downside, only incremental access to a bigger world and better life. Watch as each new destination city unfolds more easily. Within weeks you’ll be reading menus and signs, then making basic conversation and asking directions. Within a few months, you’ll be enjoying life as an experienced expat, conversing your way around a new continent of new contacts.
Latin America awaits.