We’ve built our itinerary around wonderful workspaces because your career is of utmost importance. We’ve investigated each city and discovered the best and most beautiful places for co-working.

All are in safe, desirable areas of each city or town. You’ll enjoy modern design, open floor plans, natural light, amazing build-outs, great amenities, ergonomic arrangement and in most cases, the option for standing desks. We’ve battle-tested the WiFi and made sure that English-speaking tech support is available onsite.

All you’ll need to do, after a café con leche in paradise and quick walk to the office, is open your laptop and get started.

Best of all, you’ll not only be interacting with your fellow Hot Desk International group members. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with ambitious local entrepreneurs and other Latin American digital nomads. Your professional network is about to become multinational.

It’s everything you’ve always wanted in a workspace, with unique opportunities and an ever-changing view.