The moment you get off work, you’ll find a whole new world awaiting exploration. Your weekends have never been this exciting.

We’ve selected our destination cities for all that they have to offer: Amazing nightlife, fantastic food, and natural highlights that include everything from Andean peaks to world-class waves. You’ll enjoy four full weekends in each spot, which will give you time to choose your own adventure – or, chill at home with Netflix and takeout, because even in paradise, sometimes you need a little down time.


Stay in town and start your weekend with happy hour at a new place, hanging out with colleagues or hitting the gym. From there, simply dial up an al la carte agenda of your choice from everything your city has to offer: Hiking, brunch, beach, wine tours, museums, shopping, markets, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, pre-Columbian ruins, surf lessons, a big night out, a quiet night in and so much more. Or, catch a bus and head out of town for a whole new menu.

You’ll be within hours of some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating destinations. Go out on your own, or we’ll help arrange your trek. Perhaps you’d enjoy the cultural riches of Oaxaca, the perfect beaches of the Pearl Islands, or the mists of amazing Iguazu waterfall. That’s just a taste of all that’s on offer during your yearlong tale of two continents.