With over 12 years of first-hand experience in Central and South America, our team of experts are ready for you.

Here at Hot Desk, we love travel, and wish everyone had the option to take a year off (at least) and explore this amazing, inspiring planet. But we also understand that for many people, a real work–life balance means keeping a commitment to a career you love.

That’s where Hot Desk comes in.

Technology has made it possible to be an ambitious and productive team player in many industries, without reporting to the cubical farm every day. Online tools facilitate everything from client meetings to meeting deadlines—you can even enjoy water-cooler conversation with apps like Slack. Nearly a quarter of you already work at home.

So, why are you staying home? If you can’t think of a good reason, our team is ready to take you on the trip of a lifetime, a year of traveling through the most beautiful, exciting, and interesting places in Latin America….without missing a beat while you pursue professional excellence.

We are experts on the region, and ready to handle your travel ticketing, accommodations, work-space rental, group dynamics, optional Spanish classes, and all the other logistical hassles involved with exploring this amazing part of the world.


Adam Wilson

President & Founder

Our team captain is a certified public accountant, entrepreneur, and tour leader. He’s visited 66 countries, spent more than four years working in Latin America, and successfully extended his travels by learning how to work productively and profitably while on the road.

While guiding groups from the Equator to the Arctic and back, his inner accountant realized that what was holding most people back from the adventure of a lifetime was missing out on months—or years—of work, career development, and financial growth. He knew there was a better way, and created Hot Desk International to help you find it.

Laura Vega

Director of Operations

Laura, a native of Colombia who has spent the past decade working in the travel industry, has guided tour groups all over South America with some of the biggest and best names in the industry. Her passion for travel, sports and business inspired her to start Boogaloo Travel, experts at transforming a vacation into an exciting adventure.

Many of her clients couldn’t take enough time off work to explore the Latin America properly, however, and as an outgoing entrepreneur she absolutely understood. That’s why she’s committed to making Hot Desk International the most amazing experience you’ve ever had.

Paige R. Penland

Destination Coodinator

Paige has more than a decade of experience in Central America and southern Mexico, and is the author of a dozen travel guides, including Lonely Planet Costa Rica, Lonely Planet Nicaragua, Great Destinations El Salvador, and Great Destinations Oaxaca, Mexico.

Publishing is a team sport, Paige understands the challenges and rewards of working productively while on the road, her goal is to help you make the most of your work year in paradise.




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Lisa Ng


Casy Walker