Yes, work while traveling is a hell of an experience, I have done it my self many times and I can say that is the most interesting way to grow, expand your business / work opportunities and be a happier person while seeing the amazing world that is out there! And the best of all is that you will keep earning money! The difference is that you will feel more alive while doing it!!


So here are some of the reasons why work and travel will make you a happier person:

1. You won’t be on the same daily routine:

Daily routines help you get everything on track, but after a while life seems to not longer be exciting. By doing the same things with the same people at the same times every day can make life feel a bit boring.
When you travel, the culture, the people, the food and the life style of the place you go to, are unknown to you, even if you have a routine, every day will feel as a new exciting day where you will see and learn new things every day, and there is nothing that can make you happier than feeling that your life is an exiting new adventure every day!

2. You will meet new people and make new friends:

Studies have shown that when you have an active social life you feel happier. If you come with us on a work and travel tour, you won’t only grow and strength your group of friends with the people who joined the your but also have the opportunity to meet locals and increase your social and work opportunities during the networking events we organise!

3. You will become more creative:

By having new insights every day, meeting new people and doing exciting plans during the weekends you will be more open to learn and understand new cultures, to see how people from all over the world do things, how cities work, you will compare your home with all this other places and think how things could be better with all the new ideas you will get from all this insights! And if your mind is always creating new ways of thinking, living, working, being… Believe me, you will be happier!

4. Expand your business / career opportunities:

When you work while traveling with a group of like minded people who are also on a working mode, you will be exchanging experiences, you will have people that will help you look at your business projects from different perspectives and you will create new connections that will help you boost your opportunities. And if your business / career expands and finds new ways to grow, you will feel better with yourself and therefore happier!

Join Hot Desk International community, work while travel and boost your happiness! 

Laura Vega